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In the past five years, an exclusive group of news agencies and publications such as Associated Press and Forbes have embraced Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology as an expedient solution to human constraints on copy writing productivity.   NLG is an area of computational linguistics that employs the related technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP), sometimes referred to as Automated Language Processing (ALP).   The more advanced innovators in the field of NLG are capable of writing billions of subject-relevant narratives in seconds and automatically deliver a content-rich article to a target audience.   However, until now, most NLG technologies are geared toward numbers-based formulaic linguistics, covering subject topics in finance, sports, weather, and other quantitative-intensive data that can be explained in narrative form, as opposed to the reader having to calculate and interpret large volumes of data fields.

In sharp contrast to calculus-based NLG, Automated Copywriting is focused writing copy with multivariate qualitative data, such as with product descriptions.  Whereas quantitative NLG employs more standardized language, for example a financial report, qualitative NLG relies heavily on product attribute interpretation, corpora mining, linguistic predictive modeling, and other proprietary linguistic filters and controls that, when processed through our systems, generate product narratives similar to what your existing writers (or by proxy of corpora) would write, with respect to style, tone, word placement, and persuasive mechanics.

Automated Copywriting was developed specifically for B2C and B2C commerce to empower product manufacturers, retailers, and distributors with a tool that creates and manages tens of thousands of product descriptions.  Our systems integrate seamlessly with any Product Information Manager (PIM) system, File Management system, or E-commerce Platform, either by XML, CSV, or even direct-feed HTML formatting and delivery.





Welcome to Automated Copywriting! We empower product copy writers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to write write keyword-rich product descriptions in a fraction of the time it takes human writers.   Whether you sell thousands or hundreds of thousands of products, your B2B or B2C audience will more capably find your products with internal and external search engines and experience a more enriched and  informative product page experience, which translates into a more satisfied customer experience and an increase in sales conversions.  

Automated Copywriting is a very powerful software application developed for medium and small businesses that oversee the marketing efforts of brands consisting of large product offerings whereby customer acquisition is a significant function of online marketplace visibility. Manufacturers and retailers that depend heavily on e-commerce, whether directly, or indirectly, benefit by having strong sales communications strategy in online selling environments. Whether you are a manufacturer that desires to sell products in online retail channels such as or, or your business model is to sell to other retailers who sell in these channels, it is in your best interest to provide detailed, keyword-rich product descriptions that are search-engine optimized so that the end user or consumer can locate your products in their respective online sales channels.

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Learn how Automated Copywriting can save you up to hundreds of thousands in more in copy writing expenses and how our software solutions publish and manage long product lines at warp speed, exponentially increasing time-to-market cycles and marketplace visibility, while reducing many of the human workflow constraints in the content publishing cycle.

Whether you sell one thousand products or one million, you’re going to need a full time copywriter to write or rewrite those product descriptions sooner or later.  Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, online product sales and product positioning is a competitive business.  In order to cast a wider net in an increasingly competitive online marketplace, you need an edge in marketing automation.  There are currently a number of ways to gather and analyze key performance indicators for all of your product pages.  However, it is nearly impossible to respond to product performance data in line with market environment changes and trends.  Just imagine what you could do if you had machine generation technologies in your copy department.  Furthermore, imagine using all of the great SEO and KPI data at your disposal, integrated directly into the copywriting process.  This is not science fiction.  Just consider IBM’s Watson Supercomputer 2011 victory on Jeopardy.  In a similar manner, our systems can learn and memorize every product detail and descripton ever written by your company, as well as by your competitors, and then parse those writings by subject, feature, benefit, right down to every descriptive word and phrase.  Then by interfacing our systems with your product KPI data we can learn which words and phrases produce positive interactions and responses from your customers and automatically integrate that language, piece by piece, into future product description iterations.  Not only that, your copywriters can focus less on industry analysis, competitor intel, keyword analytics, demographics, search behavior, etc. and devote all efforts on product-to-customer personalization.   With our technology, a writer is able to write up to 500 product descriptions (250 word count) per day, compared to 10-30, at most, using the most advanced template-based processing or Product Information Management (PIM) systems.  Furthermore, writers can edit existing product descriptions with clicks, minimizing hand-keyed edits.  We are able to complete editing of a batch of 1,000 products per day and product data locations and formatting is fully automated as well.  In contrast, writing or major edits of 10,000 product descriptions at 250-words each, you’d be looking at a 3-6 month campaign and human resources costs well in excess of $100,000.  
There is simply no better solution for large product assortments.  To stay ahead of the competition you need quality content that conveys every feature and benefit of your products.  You need this for keyword search visibility (SEO) and you need this to help your customers to make an informed decision.  And most importantly, you need this to strengthen brand value, the aggregate of all impressions your product lines invoke in relation to the respective target audiences and stakeholders.  If your products are not adequately represented on line, smaller competitors will eventually eat up market share by delivering more content to your shared market space.  They will capture your target audience’s attention by associating their products with CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT, and unique, keyword-rich, highly detailed content that not only provides the customer / end user with sufficient information to make a purchase decision, but also maximizes keyword-intensive search visibility, not just on their website, but with marketing partner and online media.  Content is king and this will not change for the foreseeable future..

Sentence Builder

Automated Copywriting walks you through the process of building intelligent product descriptions which are both keyword-rich and SEO optimized. Most product managers already have keyword data in their inventory loader files, assigned to each product that they sell. Automated Copywriting will use this index of product-specific keywords to build unique intelligible sentence structures that position keywords in the product listing content, as well as adding HTML tags for custom product listing appearance, such as BOLD lettering and bullet points.

E-commerce Integration

Automated Copywriting seamlessly integrates with enterprise and platform-based e-commerce inventory management systems, as most are compatible with .CSV or .XML file feeds or inventory loaders.HERE to see how our software uses automation to seamlessly rewrite your entire product line that automatically update a new copy of your inventory files. You can save each version for future use for A/B testing of new product descriptions and update products in blocks at a time or your entire product line.

Automated SEO

Automated Copywriting is actually more about automating search engine optimization for product listings than it is about copywriting. Automating language generation is just one aspect of what our software does, but strategic placement of keywords and phrases that pertain to your products and their respective audiences, within various sales channels and online market segments, is what Automated Copywriting is laser focused on. We understand that marketing managers of large product lines understand their market better than anyone, but often times there are certain product features and descriptive terms that are left out of the sales language, which is where we come in to ensure that all product and market-relevant keywords are indexed in your inventory files so that Automated Copywriting creates product descriptions that help your target audience find your products online.


(Table 1)

———————– 200 Products 1,000 Products 5,000 Products 25,000 Products
Campaign Word Count
50,000 250,000 1,250,000 6,250,000
Productivity – Words Per Hour
250 250 250 250
Total Labor Hours
200 1,000 5,000 25,000
Copy Writer Hourly Rate ($)
$40 $40 $40 $40
Total Campaign Cost
$8,000 $40,000 $200,000 $1,000,000
NOTE:  Professional copywriters in many industries charge in excess of $100/hour, or upwards of $.50 per word.  Such copywriters and copyeditors with subject matter knowledge pertaining to your products, and particularly those with internet marketing and SEO expertise, demand higher fees.  The above representation does not take into consideration content transference from word processing applications to databases, spreadsheets, webpages, etc.  Data management of large product lines is most often a result of years of accumulated data and this is why rewriting product descriptions for large product lines is such a painstaking process that is too often avoided when it absolutely should not be.  Automated Copywriting seeks to solve this problem for product marketers  through sophisticated natural language generation program, marketing analytics interface, and data management system, specifically designed to integrate with all of your e-commerce platforms.


Precision Product Marketing

Automated Copywriting has been used by bib business and high tech for decades, but with the exception of Customer Relationship Management (automation), such as email and billing automation tools, it has not been accessible by small business and SMEs until recently. Automated Copywriting is the first product marketing automation tool designed specifically for medium and small sized product and brand marketers.

We are here to serve our clients no matter how large or small and we are confident that every one of our partners will excel in the marketplace. The sooner you act, the more opportunity your brand will have in an increasingly competitive internet marketing space. Those who wait are being perpetually pushed down by SEO-savvy online sellers that know how to drive traffic to various sales channels spaced across widely varying sectors of the internet marketplace communities.


Sell Smarter!

Product sales as a function of copywriting has traditionally saught to connect with a target audience to evoke an emotive or need based response, first capturing the end user’s attention, establishing trust or memorability, and providing product information sufficient to make a sale conversion. Today, all of that remains the same, but one thing has changed. In order to convert, you first must be found. Did you know there are phone app companies that spend thousands of dollars and man hours to artificially inflate their position in the marketplace? Well, in like manner, niche product marketers can and often do use similar tactics to compete with more established product manufacturers and brand marketers.

Let us show you how easy it is to rewrite all of your product descriptions in as little as a few hours, in comparison to hiring a professional copywriter that could take weeks or months while putting your company’s future internet presence on the line.


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